Land Clearing Services in Bremerton, WA

Have existing structures or foliage that need to be removed from a site before it can be developed or redeveloped? Give Olympic View Excavating a call and give us the scope of work! We provide complete land clearing services in Bremerton, WA. Whatever your plot requires for site preparation, we’re prepared to deliver it.

  • Demolition:

    If there’s already a building on the site you need developed, demolition is essential. We’ve got the equipment and expertise to facilitate demolition in residential and commercial settings. Call us to tear down structures of all sizes quickly, leaving no trace of them behind.

  • Logging:

    We’re equipped for logging and can swiftly clear timber from an area and haul it away to a saw mill to get the best value for your timber.

  • Stump removal:

    Have an eyesore of a stump on your property? Dealing with multiple stumps on a segment of recently cleared land? We’re an experienced stump removal company in Bremerton, WA. Call us to rip out stumps and remediate them, prepping your site for whatever comes next.

  • Backfill:

    After excavation, you may need backfill for grading, compacting or leveling. We have bulldozers and backhoes to fill in any previously excavated area. Whether we dug it out or another company left you high and dry, give us a call for backfill services.

  • Bulldozing:

    Need topsoil or raw materials moved, leveled or graded on your site? We offer bulldozing services, tailored around the parameters of your job. Just let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen.

  • Leveling:

    To completely restore your property to a baseline before development, leveling services are paramount. Call us to smooth everything out!

  • Compacting:

    Need to compact earth to reduce permeability or saturation? We offer compacting services to cover any square footage.

  • Final grades:

    Grading for erosion and drainage is paramount on any site. Call us for final grading as your development progresses.

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Got Trees?

Our land clearing services are applicable to any worksite, regardless of the scope of development. We’ll happily take on anything from a simple driveway gravel project, to an RV pad prep, to something like the site prep for a horse arena. Our capabilities are limitless.

To learn more about how we can assist you with comprehensive land clearing and site preparation, contact our well-trained experts at 360-710-5677.

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